Do you have gift cards?

Of course! We have physical cards available for purchase every day at Play Grounds. You can also purchase eGift Cards online anytime!

Where can I park?

We have street parking available out front (change is needed for the meters) and we have free parking in the rear lot (between Morrison and Carabel and accessible from both side streets). You are welcome to enter and exit through our rear door, just follow the sign to our entrance.

Is there a fee to play?

Nope! It has always been our goal to make Play Grounds a place for everyone to feel welcome. So there’s no fee to play, we just request a purchase at the Bar during your visit.

Can we bring our own snacks?

We do not allow outside snacks to be brought in to Play Grounds. If you or your child has any dietary restrictions and you must bring something in, please let us know. We do our best to offer a variety of milk and snack options to suit most needs.

Do you have non-dairy and gluten free options?

Yes! We offer almond and oat milk on most days. We also typically have fresh fruit and applesauce pouches for dairy-free snacks. We offer delicious macarons that are always gluten free as well.

Can I bring my crawling baby?

Absolutely! Children who are crawling and pulling themselves up love to explore the train table, dollhouse and kitchen with the bigger kids.

Can I come without a kid?

Yes! All are welcome, always. Early mornings and afternoons tend to be quieter if you’re looking for a nice time to come work or study here at Play Grounds.

Where are your baked goods from?

Most of our baked goods hail from Southern Sweets Cleveland. Our macarons are from the Macaron Tea Room.